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Agile Inception has worked closely with Business and Decision since 2013, providing additional expertise and guidance for some of B&D's key customer relationships in the US.

Services and consulting provided by Agile include enterprise technology best practices, software build and deployment automation, operations support and training, legacy and cloud systems integration, deep-dive troubleshooting and fault analysis, as well as advice and strategy for adopting new technogies and processes.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Agile Inception resources for the last three years on numerous projects. They always deliver and have become a trusted partner that we can count on in the most challenging of circumstances. I am very grateful for their unyielding determination to make sure that things work the way they should.”

Jamie Allen, Customer Management
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Agile Inception built an automated Python Django-based tool to collect, aggregate, and correlate oncall hours for SoundCloud's pager duty team members.

The tool provides a web interface for users to augment their oncall entries, and now HR staff can produce reports and export data for payroll instantly — the old manual method could take up to a day.

“We really enjoyed working with Jeff and his team at Agile Inception. Not only did they build a solution that met our needs but they were a pleasure to work with. They were also great at facilitating our project and worked with us closely to make sure our requirements were met, going so far as to preemptively propose additional features to make the solution work even better for us. I highly recommend them as an external development partner.”

Jake Maizel · Director, Infrastructure and Core Engineering
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Rocscience is a global leader in creating geotechnical software, and has been a client of Agile Inception partners for over 15 years. The latest project for Rocscience was a complete CMS-based website redesign and build in 2015, including a sophisticated e-commerce portal to sell their numerous software packages.

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Our engagement with Juice Mobile was focused around performance issues and bottlenecks encountered during the testing of their ad-engine service. With the use of real-time market data, redirected to our test environment, we were able to profile the AWS compute, storage and networking resources in our determination of the root cause of the problem.